RE Vision

R.E Progression Map

We value RE highly at Holy Trinity. We aim to give the children opportunities to learn about and reflect upon their own and others’ beliefs in an inquiring and respectful way.

In RE the children learn about world faiths in a variety of creative ways including drama, art, music, computing, meeting faith visitors and visiting places of worship. RE takes place every week and each class keeps a record of their learning in their R.E book, available for the children to look at any time.

Our teaching and learning follows guidance set down in the Southwark Diocese Religious Education Primary Scheme of Work.

As a Church of England School, we aim to ensure that the children have a deep understanding of the beliefs and practices found in Christianity. We recognise and also place great importance on the children’s appreciation of and respect for people of all faiths. The children learn  about Judaism alongside their Christianity units in KS1 and Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Islam in addition to the Christian units in KS2.