Computing Vision

Computing Progression Map

At Holy Trinity, we are aware of the rapid and constant growth of technology in today’s world and the importance of possessing competent computing skills in adult life. As a result, we want our children to be active participants in a digital world and intelligent users of technology who can first and foremost keep safe, explore ideas and solve problems. We aim to equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills to use a various software on a range of digital devices (including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, programmable robots, cameras and audio equipment) with confidence and enthusiasm.


Our curriculum covers three core elements taught across the school in each year group:

  • Digital Literacy (including online safety)
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology

Each year, they revisit and build upon each topic using different software and hardware to do so. Within Digital Literacy, pupils learn how to be safe and responsible users of technology. They identify and explore different ways to communicate and collaborate with others. Computer Science focuses on building an understanding of how computers and networks work. We also teach the children computer programming skills from directing small robots (Bee-Bots) in Year 1 to creating on-screen games and websites by Year 6 using software, including Scratch, Turtle Academy and Google platforms. Information Technology highlights using computers for practical purposes such as assembling and presenting a range of different information.

Online Safety:

Online/E-safety is a priority at Holy Trinity. Therefore, the teaching of it is embedded throughout the curriculum in other subjects. It is also taught explicitly in our Computing lessons at the start of each year. All the children and staff complete an Acceptable Use Agreement which can be viewed within our Online Safety Policy. All of this enables our children to feel secure and confident when using digital technology.

Online E-Safety Policy