Music Vision

Music Progression Map

Here at Holy Trinity we aim to foster a love and passion for music. We do this through delivering high quality music teaching and giving lots of opportunities to listen to and take part in musical activities. It is our role to encourage and support all children to achieve their full musical potential.

Our music curriculum is taught each week and provides opportunities to listen to a variety of music, use the untuned/tuned percussion instruments and develop thier skills of performing, composing, reading & appraising. Lessons provide opportunities to experience and appreciate the richness and diversity of world cultures, styles, times and periods and for the children to develop personal expression, reflection and emotional development through music making, both individually and together.

Singing assemblies take place each week and give us another opportunity to celebrate our love of music and singing. All our junior children sing in our annual carol service and the infant children sing & perform in our annual nativities. Each class sings and performs in their class assemblies and we have an annual summer concert and run HT’s got Talent to provide further opportunties to , share and enjoy music through the school.