Geography Vision

Geography Progression Map

At Holy Trinity, our geography curriculum has been carefully planned and tailored in a way that encourages all children to develop their understanding of locational knowledge, place knowledge and understand human and physical geography. The curriculum has been carefully planned to ensure progression from the early years to year 6 and  provide the children with a variety of different skill sets that can be utilised in later life. We want the children to ask and answer probing questions about the world around them and understand that they are global citizens. Holy Trinity is a nurturing and supportive community for families from every corner of the world. Our bespoke geography curriculum helps the children to celebrate, understand and respect all societies and cultures.

Our progression of skills curriculum map focuses on three key areas:

  • Patterns
  • Places
  • Communicating geographically

The skills learnt in each year group will build on those learnt the previous year. This ensures that our geography teaching is constantly adding to the children’s knowledge and offering much more breadth and depth to their learning.