Modern Foreign Languages

Latin Vision

Languages Progression Map

At Holy Trinity we aim to foster an understanding of the importance of respecting other cultures and traditions. We warmly encourage our children to share their heritage with their class and the rest of the school. We have an international community and each class has a rich and diverse spread of cultures and languages. We celebrate this throughout the school,  welcoming opportunities for everyone to learn more about and broaden their views of the wider world.

EYFS and KS1: Celebration of Languages

In Early Years and KS1 we introduce our children to language. We share and celebrate all the different languages that are spoken in and amongst our community. We share and enjoy the different celebrations and festivals that our relevant and important to our community.

KS2: Latin

Our progression of skills curriculum map focuses on four threshold concepts:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Talking
  • Understanding the culture

The Latin curriculum is taught using the acclaimed “Minimus” scheme of work – a lively introduction to Latin for children aged 7 and over authored by Cambridge classics scholar, Barbara Bell. The scheme provides a fascinating introduction to Roman culture and basic Latin language skills. Lessons are a mix of myths, stories, role play, grammar support and historical background.